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Cute cats alright
This site also celebrates its 13th year in October 2010 , thank you in the future.
Nickname yuumediatown
August 14, 2011
Occupation Web Site creation, computer maintenance, network construction management firm
Career Sapporo to Tokyo upon graduation from high school
- Asahi computer school (Multimedia Department)
- Tokyo Game Designer School (Training Character Designer Game)
(The last four years, while working as a scholarship to the school newspaper)
After graduating from school, Web-based company three years working in the middle of production
Launched. (A temporary home for not yet completed ↑)
To now completely independent from February 2004.
Hobby Alcohol(Wine,sake,beer,whisky), creating websites, games (PSP), soccer, Zoids, computer graphics, animation, reading, music
SNS / Other MIXI
E-mail info@zoidstown.com
└Contact us if you have e-mail form from the interest.
運営サイト YUU MEDIA TOWN (Started operating 1997/10/5, domain acquisition on October 20, 2003)
ZOIDS TOWN(Started operating 1997/10/5, domain acquisition on May 30, 2000)
tabimedia.asia(Started operating 2010/10/5)
sakemedia.com(Started operating 2011/2/13)
CPU Celeron D 355 (3.33 GHz)
Memory 3GB
DVD Super Multi Approximately 16X DVD (DVD-ROM if), CD 40 speed (CD-ROM only)
- Writing -
Approximately 4X DVD + R (Double Layer) / speed of about 16 (layer 1), DVD + RW 8X around, DVD-R 4X about (Double Layer) / speed of about 16 (layer 1), DVD-RW 6 about Speed, DVD-RAM about 5 times faster, CD-R 40x about, CD-RW 24x about
<With buffer underrun protection>
Modem / Network 56kbps/100Mbps
Display Type 19 [SXGA] LCD (SDM-HS95P/RV)
Graphics card Built-in chipset (Intel 950 Graphics Media Accelerator (VRAM is shared with main memory in automatic assignment operation)
Other TV tuner (MPEG2 recordable), PC Card slot, memory card reader, iLINK (IEEE1394), USB, Ferikapoto, Ssu wonderful machine and video inputs and outputs. Windows XP Pro SP2 OS is used. Almost main machine. OS support Instant Mode can be started without having to watch TV. If the fan is a little loud.
· SONY VAIO Type H (VGC-H33S) purchased arrived
· You're amazing VAIO many useful
· VAIO in the Image Converter 2 Plus Video Converter
· VAIO recovery disk creation of
· VAIO (VGC-H33S) with 2GB +1 GB Memory 3GB (3076MB) to!
2 Snow Leopard Server with Mac mini: 2.53GHz MC408J / A (Apple)
Snow Leopard Server搭載Mac mini: 2.53GHz
CPU 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 3MB shared L2 cache
Memory 4GB
HDD 500GB*2
DVD-R MacBook Air SuperDrive
Modem / Network 10/100/1000BASE-T (Gigabit) Built-in
AirMac Extreme Wi-Fi (802.11n) Built-in
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Built-in
Display Type 19 [SXGA] LCD (SDM-HS95P/RV)
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 9400M (256MB DDR3 SDRAM shared memory)
Other And file servers with MacOS X Sever10.6.2, Web and other machines that use the test server.
· Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard Server's Mac mini with purchase!
· Snow Leopard Mac OS X v10.6 me from the beginning Rosetta (Rosetta), I'm in the beginning?
· Snow Leopard Server Mac OS X v10.6 Mac mini with a remote disk

3 SONY VAIO Z VGN-Z93GS (Professional)

CPU Intel Core2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz)
Memory 6GB (DDR3 1066/4GB+2GB)
Hard SSD 約128GB (64GB*2)
Optical drive Blu-ray Disc (Read-write)
Modem / Network IEEE 802.11abgn (MIMO 1 × 2) + WiMAX None
Display Type 13.1 (1600 × 900) VAIO Premium Displays
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS GPU (256MB)
Weight 1.6kg
Other Windows7 Pro installed!
When I bought here blog entry
SONY VAIO Z Series Notebook PC VGN-Z93GS Canada (December 18, 2009)
VAIO Z Series VGN-Z93GS set (December 19, 2009)
VAIO Z Series VGN-Z93GS + Windows 7. Professional a try (Sun 01 September 2010 (Saturday))

CPU Core2 Duo E7500(2.93 GHz)
Memory 8GB
DVD Drives DVD Super Multi
Display 24-inch LCD
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce G210M GPU (dedicated video memory 512MB)
Other VAIO wife Specifications, Windows 7 Home Premium64 Genuine bit digital terrestrial BS 110 degree CS digital × 2 + VAIO AVC Digital Transcoder with.
Related Entries
· model SONY VAIO L Spring 2010 "VPCL12AFJ" buy

5 VAIO Type V VGC-V174S

CPU Celeron D 340 (2.93 GHz)
Memory 512MB
DVD Drives DVD burner (DVD + R double-layer support)
Display 17 TFT LCD Widescreen (WXGA support)
Graphics card Intel 865GV chipset built-in
Other VAIO wife Specifications, has been used for many years now the Mac and Windows users. Home draw and watch TV and record and illustrations, used in applications such as browsing. You will have the opportunity to let me use video editing and I will.
- Tsuyoshi Masu forces in? 2 "VAIO Type V VGC-V174S"
6 Apple Mac Book
CPU 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory 1GB
Optical drive Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
Modem / Network 56kbps/100Mbps/AirMac
Display 13.3-inch widescreen
Graphics card Built-in chipset (Intel GMA950 graphics processor, 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM memory (shared with main memory)
Other WindowsXP Pro in BootCamp have been available. The last time that I carry the iBook is the successor to the heavy I thought. Mac OS is the current Mac OS X v10.4.8by2007 January 28
When I bought here blog entry
I bought MacBook
Discard mode FM-TOWNS2 Fresh FT
CPU AMD 486DX4 100MHz
Memory 8MB(MAX 72MB)
Optical drive Double-speed CD-ROM2 (speed multi-session)
CD-RW none
Modem ???
Display 15 inch CRT
Graphics card CL-GD5430
Sound FM×6/PCM×8 16bitPCM×1
Ohter I bought her first computer (VHF / UHF Terepaso also a possible acquisition of the television can receive the video.) Was saving money to buy the newspaper in high school. At that time, 300,000'm pretty tight. PC98 was already bought their own PCs or Windows95 Japanese mainstream launch of the upcoming season but there was at the curtain.
What was probably still in the home economics disposal.
Related Entries
- FUJITSU Japan FM-TOWNS 2 Fresh · FT during the 1995 brochure
Discard mode FMV-TOWNS Fresh GT (FMVTW-GM1A (ichitaro 7 pre-installed))
CPU MMX Pentium 150MHz(yuan certainly Pentium 90MHz)
Memory 80MB
HDD 850MB+1.2GB
Optical drive 4 CD-ROM drive speed
CD-RW none
Modem 14.4kbps
Display 15 inch CRT
Graphics card ATI Mach64-264CT(VRAM2MB)
Other Masaru Shin and TV tuner feature MPEG1 / VideoCD2.0 compatible card, Fujitsu Japan's own OS, TownsOS TownsCado be able to use multimedia with a DOS / V machine did. PC / AT compatible OS side is we have Windows 95 installed.
Discarded at the end of the 2001 Annual feelings may only have been struggling with personal computers purchased just about came out in Tokyo.
- Disposal-related pre-entry Huzitsuu FMV-TOWNS Fresh · GT at the 1996 brochure
- Goodbye, FMV-TOWNS (December 03, 2001)
- said of my
Discard mode VAIO NOTE PCG-705
バイオノート PCG-705

CPU MMX Pentium 150MHz
Memory 16MB
HDD ??
Optical drive CD-ROM *14
CD-RW none
Modem 28.8kbps
Display 12.1-inch SVGA ・ TFT LCD
Graphics card ??
Other I bought a laptop the first time. Sony VAIO was it to announce the first of which? I bought a docking station attached SCSI, etc. together.
Disposal of spent
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• No
Discard mode GP6-350 (Gateway)
CPU Pentium2 350MHz
Memory 256MB
DVD DVD2 speed, CD20 considerable speed
CD-RW 8x read, 4x write
Modem 56kbps/100Mbps
Display 17 inch CRT
Graphics card ATI ALL-in Wonder128(RAGE128)
Other Video capture is also available in Dattari much useless on this machine with Windows 98 OS is Linux. Low frequency of use, X-RGB display using the display, so you connect the PS2 that I use occasionally.
Too high to throw away throw away, so I ended up not even boot anymore

Disposal of spent
Related Entries
- Gateway 2000 PC 350 GP6-Canada (August 18, 1998)
Discard mode iMacDV(Apple)
CPU PoewrPC G3 350MHz
Memory 192MB
Modem / network 56kbps/100Mbps
Display 15 inch CRT
Graphics card -
Other Specifications roommate Mac, is used occasionally, so I. Sub-machine at the moment because the new VAIO. Open Directory configuration mistake I will not start at once when you are testing a client-side OS of experience and did not want to re-insert the CD from the start why netBoot rescue in the OS 9 files to launch the Kou Shigeru . Mac OS X to zero all data, got out of a junk auction herself to eight random write format. Cheers for good work
Related Entries
· Imacdv Grape Buy (April 17, 2000 (Monday))
Discard mode Apple iBook(M8600J/A)
Apple iBook(M8600J/A)
CPU PoewrPC G3 600MHz
Memory 384MB
Modem/network 56kbps/100Mbps
Display 12.1TFT
Graphics card  
Other Used as a sub-machine. OS is Mac OS X10.4.3
Mac OS X to zero all data, sold it eight times for random write format. Long, cheers for good work.
Related Entries
- Continued iBook G3 Mac OS X v10.2 and Canada and 200 million holiday hit! (August 25, 2002 (Sunday))
· iBook has become a good feeling (August 29, 2002 (Thursday))
Discard mode Power Mac G4
PowerMac G4
CPU PoewrPC G4
Memory ???MB
Modem/network 56kbps/100Mbps
Graphics card  
Other Linux first and then put the Mac OS X Server I had placed him. Do not forget what model remains why a record of performance or massage. I bought a used, but remember in.
Already destroyed disposal
Related Entries
· I put Linux on a PowerMac G4 (September 09, 2001)
Discard mode PCV-RX60KV7(SONY)
CPU Pentium3、866MHz
Memory 256MB
CD-RW 32x read, 8x write, RW write speed is 4
Modem/Network 56kbps/100Mbps
Display Dell 19-inch LCD (17 CRT is discarded because it broke in.)
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 16MB
Other TV tuner (MPEG1, can record 2), PC Card slot, iLINK (IEEE1394), USB, video output jacks Hey wonderful machine. The VCR I bought this machine longer uses. Our OS is Windows 2000. Almost as a main machine.
Shred initialize the hard disk on Linux, using a long time cheers for good work. Related Entries
· KNOPPIX (Kunopikusu) Securely erase hard drive data (July 15, 2006 (Saturday))
- VAIO PCV-RX60K purchased arrived (November 11, 2000 (Saturday))
Discard mode PowerMac G5 1.6GHz M9020 J/A(Apple)
PowerMac G5 1.6GHz(Apple)
CPU PoewrPC G5 1.6GHz
Memory 1.2GB
DVD-R SuperDrive(DVD-R/CD-RW)
Modem/Network 56kbps/1Gbps
Display Dell 19 inch LCD
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra(64MB DDR SDRAM)
Other Sever10.3.9 MacOS X ( now Mac OS X Server v10.5.8 Leopard Server is. ) server equipped cottage, CGI · PHP · WebObjects created (hey I have not done much recently), and various server settings for the Study Room Test . Even though most UNIX is a mistake to not use the same? Be. netboot great streaming and can also be used? Him. Of course not, but out to the public.
Mac OS X completely erased after formatting options put 0 or override the standard disk utilities, PC I had to take back to the shop. Long, cheers for good work. (2010/03/20)
· G5 with 10.3 Server
· running Mac OS X Server 10.5 Upgrade 10.3
· Mac OS X Server v10.5 Leopard PowerMac G5 to reinstall
- Goodbye, PowerMac G5 1.6GHz and DELL Monitor (2010/03/20)
Duration of use for each PC January 17, 2009 the life of the PC (Saturday)
Mobile Phone/PHS Mobile Phone/PHS
- Kyocera Willcom PHS "WX340K (pon Kyoto)" buy Kanparireddo
·Android smart phone cellular phone INFOBAR A01 purchase and feeling of au
- Subscribe to the charge of EMOBILE EM USB Modem "D11LC" buy
· four 32GB iPhone (Mc605J) Black Buy
Used. Using models of the past

- mobile phone so far (PHS included) Fast Summary
It is.
  Check the operation of our website is still on the topic in the machine.
Peripherals Multifunction Printers " Mymio (Maimio) MFC-850Cdn "(printer, FAX, copy, card readers, scanners, phones)," ScanSnap S1500 / S1500-FI "(Document Scanners), MO drive for 640MB version (now USB converter equipped) ( came back on June 15, 2006 ), the router " Rta55I ", a wireless LAN hub" WHR-G54Sp "
Was used in the past
(Including abandoned)
SC-88Pro, two thousand five hundred and fifty Photosmart HP PSC (printer and scanner and copier and FAX and Kadorita)
Office Soft Microsoft Office Professional 2007Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2007FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced
HP creation software Macromedia DreamWeaver8・FireWorks8(Macromedia Studio 8)DreamWeaverCS4・FireWorksCS4(Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Standard)、miエディタなど
Graphics Software PhotoShop CS4、FireworksCS4・CS3・FireWorks8、ブライス3D、SOFT・FXpro etc
Favorite anime, manga Scientific Railgun term, working, Angel Beats!, Stupid beast Recall Test, the student council's discretion, Kanamemo, Kamichu, K! ! The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, Trico, Sutoraikuuichizu, bartender, Somurieru, Yotsuba, MMR, ARIA, Minamike, Hayate no Gotoku, Lucky ☆ Star , Death Note , Gundam SEED , Gundam SEED DESTINY , Keroro , Beet Bouken Ou , ROD , Full Metal Alchemist , Gunslinger GIRL , YAT security! Space travel , Cowboy Bebop , NEW ZOIDS Fuzors machine & & & Zoids Zero , Rurouni Kenshin , Houshin Engi , Hikaru no Go Doraemon Pokemon Lad (Pounding), the story PoPoLoCrois , then Hare Guu Jungle Always . Oh Super Milk Chan · FF_U, Yotsubato , Azumanga Daioh , Cheeky Angel , Kiddy , Monster

Other relevant information to Burogukategoripeji following anime cartoon
- anime cartoon [Personal] [264]
- Hobbies - Anime - Manga 2 [274]
- Hobbies - Anime Manga - 3 [372]
- Hobbies - Anime Manga - 4 [adding]
Game SONY PlayStation 2 / PSP , Nintendou DS Lite (white) , Wonderswan. PS1 (black system) is not playing the game I mean recently got raised, I want to do.
Favorite Game Final Fantasy series, Wild 1.3, CRIME CRACKER series, Xenogears, Combat Magic Dokodemoissyo Dorashirizu do little Supaaresuta Tekken series Chrono Trigger, PS version of Zoids, Supesugurifon VF9

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